Jumat, 07 Desember 2012

Some more pictures of biking to Mangrove area in Tapak - Jrakah

Just to spend time, I upload some more pictures. For the 'story', click this link, okay? :)

'baru' menapaki jalan 'tanah'

di belakang terlihat kawasan 'pegunungan' Semarang bagian Selatan

pohon nan meranggas di musim kemarau

the most exotic as well as dramatic picture of nature in this journey :)

me with that attractive bare tree :)

forgive me for my being narcissistic :-D

the broken land ...

already in the area of mangrove

one fisherman on his boat passing one 'makeshift bridge'

Ranz on Shaun, Austin idle :-D

me with Austin :)

another dramatic pic of the broken land

cool view, isn't it? (ignore me! :-D)

into further area

Ranz, the second most narcissistic in this journey :-D

aku berdua Ranz dan seorang anggota kelompok lingkungan lokal (yang njepret siapa ya? lupa :) )

no comment :)

another no comment :-P

aku di depan

2 unsung heroes :)

lovely view :)

Ranz carried Austin crossing the so-called 'bridge' :)

Photo credits: Ranz!

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